My fitness goals for this winter

This has been an incredible year so far. So much has been going on. My wife has been recovering from her surgery, international conferences, house renovation in Fitou, trips to Lanzarote, Paris and many weekends at other fun places. I’ve been happy to put my bike aside for a while. But heading into this winter I’m now motivated to reach some fitness goals again. If you want to know why I enjoy riding so much, checkout my very first post on this blog.

As you can see above, my fitness has declined steadily since the beginning of June this year. If you want to understand what these lines and numbers mean, you can read my Cycling season review 2016 where I explained some of this. Below are my goals of this winter.


Above you can see my peak 20 min power earlier this year, which was 320 W. My goal this winter is to get back to reach at least 305 W for 20 min.


Above you can see my peak 10 km pace earlier this year, which was 4:28 min/km (equating to ~45 min). I usually don’t push myself as hard while running as when riding. I feel I’ve got more to give here, and my goal this winter is to keep an average pace of 4:12 min/km for 10 km (equating to 42 min).