Some articles I read this week


I haven’t had the mental capacity this week to think of my own topic for a blog post. So here’s a short list of interesting things and articles I found in the past few days.

Brave with MetaMask

MetaMask is the browser extension that let you browse decentralised applications on the Ethereum blockchain. And Brave is a very fresh and inventive new browser that puts security, privacy and Web3 first.

Here’s an interesting article about both of these projects that I read this week: Into the Blockchain: Brave with MetaMask

Wall Street is paying attention

At the end of last year I wrote a note about the introduction of Bitcoin futures. Since then, the traditional financial world have slowly continued to realise that they can’t ignore the revolution that’s in-front of them: Nasdaq Holds Closed Door Event to Discuss Policing Crypto

Continuing on this theme, the first ever ‘exchange of futures for physical’ also took place this week: Institutional Investors Swap Bitcoin Futures for Physical BTC in Wall Street First

Trying Augur

The decentralised prediction market Augur recently launched on the main Ethereum network. This week I found some time and installed the Augur app. The decentralised future is already here!

It’s really fascinating how the app is built. It’s basically packaged as a desktop application with its own blockchain client built-in. Very easy to use, you almost don’t realise that you’re using a blockchain in the background! Once you start the application it’ll serve the Augur web app from its local server that interacts with the Ethereum blockchain in the background. Fully decentralised without the need to trust anyone in the middle!