10 years on Drupal.org

In about one month my Drupal.org profile will turn 10 years. Oh boy, it’s been a ride!

My history with Drupal and the web industry is too long to cover on this short train in Sweden that I’m currently on. But it’s safe to say that there’s been many long nights, long weekends, fun projects, challenging projects, many good friends and so much more.

My first major contribution started with the Deploy module, needed by client projects at NodeOne. Passionate as I am, I took the contributions beyond work and ended up inheriting the maintainership from heyrocker.

Deploy and the mechanisms of content staging hasn’t been my only interest in Drupal. I’ve always been very involved in improving the general architecture of Drupal. A pivotal moment for Drupal 8 was the decision to move to object oriented programming, starting with the very first component which I was part of researching and recommending.

All this eventually lead to my proposal for content staging in core, back in 2012. And since then it’s been a long and persistent effort of building the case for this major functionality into Drupal and evangelising about the ideas. This journey had me travel and move around the world, eventually landing with Pfizer and the Workflow Initiative in Drupal 8. I think (perhaps naively) that the concept of workspaces (one of the major features in the initiative) is going to be the biggest mental-model changes to Drupal in a very long time.

I’m looking forward to continuing the journey, for at least another 10 years, of evolving the web with Drupal and other tools.

Thank you, to all the awesome people in this community!