Exploring a city, by running

I love experiencing countries, cities and other places on our lovely planet. There’s so much to see and experience, and often too little time for it all. And if you’re travelling because of work then there’s usually even less of that precious time.

I love riding my bike, but running is a lot more convenient when travelling. It’s such a lovely way to greet a new city, like I did in Los Angeles, Wien, New Orleans, Ono, Barcelona, Berlin, New York City and Baltimore. You are on your own, you and your running shoes. It’s simple, direct and honest. You can go anywhere your legs take you — through crowds of people, through parks, up close on buildings and landmarks, up and down hills.

Not only do you get to experience the city first hand, you also get such a great start to your day. Your mind get space to relax, or think, whatever you prefer. You might even get “runner’s high”.

I simply love it.